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Client Testimonial

"The product was even more attractive when we received it than it appeared on the web site. The Bookwall is a very high quality and durable piece of furniture which I expect will hold its value for years to come."

- Len O., Covington, WA




Our Traditional line is styled with a 2 1/2" wide pilaster front with intricate fluting, and is available with an elegantly styled crown moulding option.

Custom Bookcases





Our Contemporary line is styled with a 1 1/2” or 2 1/2" wide bold rectangular pilaster face, and is available with a variety of top treatments including trimmed tight to the ceiling,  completing a built in floor to ceiling style.



Custom shelving






Our Commercial line is stylized and constructed for professional and academic institutions. 


 Book shelves




Completely Customize Your System

with Exactly What You Want


  • Any Width You Specify
  • The Depth, or Multiple of Depths can be your choice.  The wall sections can all be the same depth or you can mix 12”, 16” or 22” depth in the same wall design
  • Standard Heights are 84”, 88” and 96”.  Optional heights can go up to 120” high.
  • A Bookwall can be on just one wall, or designed to go around a corner with an inside corner to fit your walls.
  • Choice of Hardwoods &  Natural or Stained Finishes.
  • Configure options with a wide variety of both upper and lower cabinet Doors, with a wide variety of door styles to choose from.
  • Drawers can be integrated into your design with drawers for media storage, files, or specially sized to fit your exact requirements.  Drawer fronts are available in a variety of styles.
  • A Bookwall is much more than just bookshelves.  You can easily integrate a Media or Entertainment center into the Bookwall with numerous configuration options available.  The Bookwalls engineered wall system eliminates complicated design problems and assures a simple installation while providing flexible configurations.
  • Stand alone desks and cabinets can be designed to match your system.
  • No mess!  You eliminate the construction mess with no sawing, finishing, or people working in your house.




Accessories and Options


Cabinets are available in a variety of door styles

 and can be placed in any section of the Bookwall.


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                           Custom Cabinets       Made to order cabinets  




Drawers - Wide Selection

 Drawers can be configured to hold DVD's,

VHS Tapes and CD's with multi position dividers.

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                              Custom Drawers         Custom book shelves


                                       Special order drawers



 Bookwalls Standard Door and Drawer Styles


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Corners - Inside

 Bookwalls are available with left or right inside corner options.

Inside corner options are proportioned to appear equal in width

and balanced to the adjacent pilasters.

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                             Home Library                Built in book case



Glass Shelving

  Glass shelves for display are available in sizes to match wood shelves.


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Optional soft lighting is available for each section.  Lighting is located

behind the top front sections and provides glare-free down lighting. This is

highlighting the book case for decorating purposes.  This lighting is also

useful in Bookwalls used as entertainment centers, as it reduces eyestrain

for television viewing. Light units are not visible from the front.







Choice of Shelf Edge

          Bookwalls include a standard solid hardwood shelf edge profile.  We can also

         do a veneered shelf front edge that is less costly and works in some applications.

Custom Shelving



Woods and Finishes

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