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"The product was even more attractive when we received it than it appeared on the web site. The Bookwall is a very high quality and durable piece of furniture which I expect will hold its value for years to come."

- Len O., Covington, WA







Welcome to Bookwalls.  Ron Zwicker designed Bookwalls' unique construction out of necessity.  He and his family loved books and beautiful things brought home from their travels, but they were also a family who seemed to move a lot.  After pouring money into several libraries only to move a few years later, Ron got fed up with the situation and created a beautiful library/display system that met his family's needs, looked custom and built-in, but could be moved and re-configured when necessary.                            

Since the first Bookwall in 1989, Ron continuously fine-tuned the engineering, design, construction, and finish to the point where he felt he had a truly exceptional product – the perfect combination of artistry and design engineering.

In September of 2009 Ron was looking to pass on this great idea that he had built up. That is when he contacted our company, Advantage Cabinets Inc.  We were excited to learn about the Bookwalls product.  It fit very well with our existing production facility and employees.  We decided to move forward with taking over where Ron left off.  We are 100% committed to bringing the same quality and service to our internet customers through Bookwalls that we have provided our local customers since 1990.

We have three inside salesperson/project managers to help you with your Bookwall order. Their names are Hilary, Janita and Luke.  Together they have over 40 years of experience in the customer service/sales field.  After you contact us we are dedicated to getting back to you either with a quote or answer to any questions that you may have.



Scott Kubicek