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What is a Pilaster?

Do I need to have back panels in all my Bookwall sections?


Can I have a multi-depth Bookwall, where the lower section is deeper than the top?


Can you make the Bookwall so it is tight against the ceiling?


Can you make the Bookwall from “wall to wall“, and have it trimmed to the wall on each end?


Can I have a desk built into my Bookwall?

Yes, numerous different desk configurations are possible.

Can I have lighting installed in my Bookwall sections?


How are Bookwalls manufactured?

Each Bookwall unit is designed in our 3D CAD computer software and the parts are cut, drilled, and routed on our precision CNC machine. The parts are assembled and finished by our staff of skilled craftspeople.

What type of wood is used in the construction of Bookwalls?

Select solid hardwoods are used for all edging, facia, doors, drawers, and plinth blocks. Structural members are hardwood veneer core ply, utilizing a core with the direction of the grain in the adjacent plies at right angles which gives it dimensional stability and strength. This cross-laminated structure of VC ensures minimal sag.

Will the shelves sag?

All material, including steel, will sag when overloaded. At Bookwalls we use VC shelving material (Click for specifications) and calculate span width and depth to match the load requirements. We also have optional solid hardwood 1 1/8″ by 3/4″ or 1 1/2″ x 3/4″ shelf edging which adds considerable flexural strength.

Can you match my stain?

We can match most stains and colors. For solid colors (painted Bookwalls) we require a paint chip from a major paint manufacturer to match the color. For stained Bookwalls, you must provide the sample you would like matched. We use high quality UV resistant dyes and stains by ICA.

How soon can I expect shipment?

Shipment date can be specified at the time of order, and can vary with the number of orders in the build schedule at the time of order. An average order to ship time is seven to eight weeks.

Can you provide samples of the finishes available?

Yes. We charge a refundable fee of $5.00 for each sample. When the sample is returned we refund the $5.00 fee.

What type of finish do you use?

We use acrylic waterborne finishes manufactured by ICA, the world leader in acrylic waterborne technology. Our finishes do not pollute the environment.

What if I’m not handy, can I install the Bookwall by myself?

First, we supply detailed assembly instructions written specifically for your unique Bookwall, along with actual photos to aid in the assembly process. Even though we are standing by the phone after every shipment, it’s a lonely job. (Click here for customer testimonials) Seldom does anyone call with an assembly question, which is why our staff usually phones after every shipment to assure a smooth assembly process.

How do I figure out how many shelves I need?

A simple way to calculate the number of shelves for each section would be to take the overall height of your Bookwall, subtract eleven inches from this number (for the bottom from floor to the first shelf and the top facia), and then divide that by an average shelf spacing of twelve or thirteen inches. An example would be an overall height of 88″ minus 11″ is 77″ of usable space divided by 12 would be six shelves per section. If you plan on mixing display with your books on the shelves, you may want to allow for taller display items and reduce the number of shelves by one.

How do I calculate the dimensions and width when I want an inside corner?

Measure the distance from the corner each way to the end of the desired Bookwall, add them together and subtract the depth (12″, 16″ or 22″) of each side of the Bookwall. Example: from the corner to the left 120″ and from the corner right is 100″, which totals 220″. The proposed wall is to be 12″ depth left and right side of the corner, so subtract 24 inches from the total of 220″ for a total of 196″ of Bookwall with one inside corner.

What are the choices for shelf edging?

Matching hardwood veneered edge, or optional 3/4″ x 1 1/16″ solid hardwood edge.

Can you supply a sketch or drawing to help visualize the Bookwall?

Yes. Depending on the complexity of your project, we will provide a drawing at a minimal charge which is 100% refundable at the time of order.

How wide can a section be for a television?

This is a difficult question to answer. With so many variables involved, it is best to call and speak to one of our sales staff with your requirements. In general, widths up to 64″ are easily accomplished.

Do you make glass shelves?

Yes, our glass shelves are actually solid hardwood frames with glass inserts flush with the top of the hardwood frame. We use this design so that when you view the Bookwall from the front, all shelves have the same look and dimension.

Do you make glass doors?

Hardwood framed glass doors are one of many optional door styles available.

How do I run my media component, telephone, etc. cables?

A cable raceway is built into each vertical support between each section, and a raceway is built into the bottom of the Bookwall from end to end.

What size drawers are available?

We make whatever drawer size you require, from map drawers to file drawers, with a wide selection of drawer fronts.

I’ve never ordered on the internet before. How do I know your company is reliable and my order is secure?

We’re not just a web site. You can drive to the door of our manufacturing facility in Owatonna, Minnesota, and see us. You can communicate with us by phone, email, fax or in person. You can read comments and testimonials from our customers all over the United States on our web site.

How wide can my shelves be and not sag, if I am going to have heavy books on my shelves?

We will work with you to meet your specific needs. We have designed and sold bookwalls for heavy use to clients such as Universities, engineers, lawyers and physicians . We can adjust our design to address your unique requirements.

What is the “paint grade unfinished” option, and is it the same quality as finished Bookwalls?

The same type of material is used in all Bookwalls construction. Paint grade unfinished does not mean it is “Unfinished Furniture Barn” quality. Paint grade unfinished is the same birch or maple hardwood veneer core and solid hardwood material with the veneer B2 grade, with variations in color and grain. If you’re looking for something “cheap”, it’s not what we manufacture.

Will the Bookwall have a strong solvent lacquer smell?

No. Our drawers are sealed and finished with ICA acrylic waterborne lacquer for a high quality nearly odorless finish.

What makes Bookwalls unique?

Intelligent design, high quality, simplicity, flexibility with height, depth and width, which provides easy assembly and installation. When installed it provides you with a wall or room with elegance and functionality. A genuine value.

What kind of customer support can I expect?

Customer comments and testimonials confirm a ten out of ten rating! We communicate with each customer during the order and build process, keeping you abreast of progress, projected shipment date, and after delivery follow up. We’re not only proud of our Bookwalls, we’re proud of our customer satisfaction record.

How do you ship my Bookwall?

We can ship your customized Bookwall to your door in most places in the United States. Our packaging and shipping methods enable us to obtain reasonable freight rates and assure arrival of your fine furniture without damage to your Bookwall. Freight rates for your book case or entertainment center are determined when you request a Bookwalls’ quote. Freight costs vary depending on the width, height and depth of the Wall System ordered.

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