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Client Testimonial

"The product was even more attractive when we received it than it appeared on the web site. The Bookwall is a very high quality and durable piece of furniture which I expect will hold its value for years to come."

- Len O., Covington, WA



High Quality Environmentally Friendly Finishes


The quality and type of finish should be an important part of your purchase decision. At Bookwalls, we are committed to providing the best possible finish, and at the same time we are responsibly committed to reducing pollution. We use finishes developed by leading manufacturers who have developed coatings with characteristics that more than stand up to chemical, scratch, clarity, and durability. We match the finish we use with the final look that the you the customer is looking for.

At Bookwalls, we think water based lacquer finishes and low VOC varnishes are great, and so do our customers. We regularly hear from Bookwalls customers that the finish on their Bookwall is better than the finish on the furniture in their home. The finish on a Bookwall is not just a necessary final manufacturing process, it's an integral part of the Bookwalls design, quality, and durability.

Our technical staff has been trained in the application of many advanced finish processes, and understand how to utilize them properly.