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"The product was even more attractive when we received it than it appeared on the web site. The Bookwall is a very high quality and durable piece of furniture which I expect will hold its value for years to come."

- Len O., Covington, WA

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Selecting bookshelves was a BIG decision for us, both because it was going to be a large financial commitment, and the bookshelves would make or break the look of the room where we spend a lot of time.

We investigated many options:building them ourselves, hiring a cabinetmaker, buying from furniture stores, buying cheap and customizing in place, and looking over the Internet.It's worth talking about each in turn:

While I have some handy man skills, a quick estimate of the time to build everything was more than I could take on.I also knew the finish I could put on the bookshelves would be inferior to something done professionally.This choice was out.

Pricing custom built shelves, the cost proved to be more as much as an expensive car - better than I'll probably ever drive.This choice was out.

So we went headed to furniture stores.There was a lot of choice, and the price still substantial, but half the price of custom built.However, this would have been for 15 bookshelves pushed next to each other.For this much investment, we wanted something better looking - units that look like they belong together:shared crown moldings, shared sidewalls without a gap between each unit.Fortunately, many furniture companies provide add-ons and options to provide this built-in look.Unfortunately, with these options added, the price soared dramatically, not quite to custom, but close enough for us to try to get more creative.

The next idea was to buy some cheap bookshelves from someplace like IKEA, then buy lumber and reface the fronts to hide the gaps between shelves, run common base and crown moldings and so forth.While this sounded promising, I knew it would be a significant amount of work, and we feared that the result would look like cheap bookshelves with stuff stuck on them.This choice was out.

This sent me to the web, to see if some bookshelf manufacturers with quality bookshelves sold direct to the public at cheaper prices than the local furniture stores.I didn't find anyone that did, but I did find Bookwalls.

They were intriguing, essentially providing a custom look built to our dimensions.They were about the same price as 15 decent bookshelves, before adding the significant mark up for the options required to get a custom look.The pictures on their website looked good.They promised easy assembly.They were helpful over the phone.

The people at Bookwalls made the ordering easy.They understood everything about bookshelves, and guided us through all the little decisions necessary. I found the Bookwalls people were just as good making recommendations on aesthetics, as they were on the mechanics.

After taking a deep breath and writing the check we waited, but no longer than the lead times quoted from the furniture stores.And when the units arrived, we were amazed.The quality of the wood and finish were better than bookshelves in the stores.As they went together, we just got more and more amazed.The units are extremely solid.The pilasters are much more substantial than anything we had seen before.And when completely assembled, they look great.As good as any custom built units I've seen in others people's houses.The cabinets matched the bookshelves perfectly and proved to be the crowning touch.

Needless to say, 15 bookshelves and 2 large cabinets took some time to assemble - but not as much as I expected. My 17-year old son and I got all the bookshelves together except for the crown molding in a long afternoon.We found the most time consuming part of the job was actually unpacking all the pieces.The Bookwalls people wrap everything so carefully for shipment.When it came to do the cabinets, I wasn't feeling well, so my 13-year old son actually did almost all the work - and had a great time doing it.

Bookwalls obvious pride in their work meant they proactively stayed in touch with me until they believed I was happy.

And are we happy.So rarely in life to you try something and have it exceed your expectations.We really believe we got the best possible solution - a high quality solution at the price of vanilla bookshelves from a furniture store.

Thank you Bookwalls.

Keith, Caroline, Ryan and Brett.

San Fancisco

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