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Client Testimonial

"The product was even more attractive when we received it than it appeared on the web site. The Bookwall is a very high quality and durable piece of furniture which I expect will hold its value for years to come."

- Len O., Covington, WA

Bookwalls Woods and Finishes

At Bookwalls, the most appropriate and premium hardwoods and finishes are hand selected and crafted to assure a quality lasting design. We work with you to select woods and finishes that will enhance your home and offer you a beautifully designed unit.

We match the finish to the application, using state of the art finishes, and highly UV resistant stains and dyes. Our finishing process assures our Bookwalls will be durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain.

Starting with the natural hardwoods as shown in samples below, we can finish with a natural clear protective coating, or you can select from one of our many stain and dye samples.  We will also work with you if you have a specific color that you like to use.  Just let us know!

custom designed library

Stain Selections:

                  Cherry Selections

Bronze Walnut               




Traditional Cherry Mix


                 Maple Selections


Cherry stain

Fruit wood




                     Oak Selections




Fruitwood                         Natural


Golden Hickory                 Cinnamon



Cherry Stain                       Dark Oak


Bronze Walnut                  1/2 Dark Oak, 1/2 Fruitwood


                  Additional Selections

painted wood samples 

                         Dover White      Dover White        Wool Skein           Wool Skein

                                                w/ Black Glaze                                  w/ Black Glaze

We can match most color samples or chip numbers from most major paint manufacturers.

* The variability and inconsistencies of various display monitors and scanners can affect the colors you see on your monitor and may not be a totally accurate reproduction.


-Solid Hardwood Lumber-

Note that the woods presented below are representative of either solid wood or veneer-core products.


custom bookshelves

Cherry is a fine-grained hardwood that ranges in color tone from near white through pinks and reds. Its subtle grain patterns are enhanced by localized color variations of green, pink, or yellow streaks with occasional flecks and gum pockets. Cherry is known and expected to darken over time with exposure to light, creating a rich and beautiful patina.


Hard Maple

built in bookshelf

Hard Maple is hard, strong and a heavy wood. It is highly resistant to wear and is also an excellent choice. The wood has a fine, uniform texture and is generally straight grained. The tightly swirled grain is very muted and subtle, for this reason natural and lightly colored stains are popular. The sapwood displays a creamy white hue with a tinge of reddish brown, and the heartwood ranges from light to dark reddish brown.


Red Oak

built in library

Red Oak is exceptionally hard, has excellent resistance to wear, and is a popular choice. Straight grained with a coarse texture, this strong wood has sapwood that is white to light brown, while the heartwood displays a light reddish hue.


-Veneer Core Plywood-

A1 Grade
This is the highest grade veneer core ply that is produced. Used for architectural paneling, quality furniture, cabinetry or any other application where the best appearance is needed. We use veneer core plywood.

Kay Core - Veneer Core Plywood - Columbia Forest Products
This is the ultimate furniture grade type of plywood . The grain is laid and bonded running at right angles to adjacent plies causing the grain to lock reducing shrinkage in width. It gives strength in all directions. The panel does have an overall grain running lengthwise. This grain direction provides the panel with its greatest strength.


Renewable Resource - A natural product from a renewable resource.

Beautiful Grain - The smooth substrates enhance the beauty of the hardwood veneer                               and dramatically improves the finishing results.

Strength - Unique cross-layered structure makes it pound for pound stronger than steel.

Efficiency - More of the log is used in this product than lumber. Thus there is less waste.