Bookshelves redefined

The look of custom without the need for a local cabinetmaker.

Custom built to your specifications

Designed with you and your space in mind. Each Bookwall system is manufactured to your exact dimensions and specifications.

More than just shelving

Integrate an entertainment center, drawers, doors, files or a desk. Design the library of your dreams.

Everything we do is with you in mind

From systems designed to move with you to low-impact lacquers and varnishes, you and your home are never very far from our minds.

Bookshelves. Reinvented.

Most people believe they have only two choices when purchasing bookcases: the expense and mess of custom built-ins or the marginal quality of big box retailers. There is another way. Enter Bookwalls. Fine furniture shelving, built to your dimensions by American craftspeople, shipped flat to your home and ready to assemble – giving you a custom solution without the custom price.
Bookwalls are not bargain wall systems. They are designed and built with the feel of fine quality furniture with the added benefit of being easily assembled, reconfigured or moved. You can set up and take down your system as many times as you want – meaning your investment moves with you.
Whether you are searching for a full custom library, a wall of bookshelves, or a smaller bookcase, Bookwalls are easily installed. You will receive detailed assembly instructions written specifically for your unique Bookwall.
We build each Bookwall exactly the way you want it. You choose the dimensions, the style, the wood, and the finish. You need some drawers? We can do that. Want to integrate a desk? We can make it happen. Want soft lighting to highlight your shelves? It’s all available.

Ready to get started?

We look forward to building a custom Bookwall for you. Get started by filling out a quote request or calling our team at 507.456.9057 with any questions.

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